Purchase order webhooks

Types of triggers

Webhooks can be triggered on the following events related to purchase orders.

Purchase order is received

This webhook will fire when a purchase order's status is changed to Received or above (400 or above). There must be at least one received item on the purchase order as well.

Purchase order status is changed

This webhook will fire when a purchase order's status is changed. You can select the statuses you want the webhook to trigger for, e.g. if you want it be triggered whenever an order's status goes to Inbound.

Purchase order is created

This webhook will fire when a purchase order is created.



When the webhook is triggered, the following payload will be delivered to the webhook endpoint.

  "webhookPurchaseOrdersId": 0,
  "webhookEventId": 0,
  "system": "string",
  "timestamp": "2023-01-01T12:00:00.0000000",
  "purchaseOrderId": 0,
  "purchaseOrderNumber": "string",
  "goodsOwnerId": 0,
  "path": "string",
  "webhookTemplate": "string",
  "purchaseOrderStatus": {
    "number": 0
  "goodsOwnerName": "string",
  "purchaseOrderType": {
    "purchaseOrderTypeId": 0,
    "purchaseOrderTypeCode": "string"


webhookPurchaseOrdersIdintInternal ID for the webhook.
webhookEventIdintInternal ID for this particular event.
systemstringThe name of the Ongoing WMS instance where the event happened.
timestampstringWhen the event happened.
purchaseOrderIdintPurchase order ID.
purchaseOrderNumberstringPurchase order number.
goodsOwnerIdintThe Ongoing WMS system id for the goods owner.
pathstringREST API path to the resource.
webhookTemplatestringThe name of the webhook type.
purchaseOrderStatusPurchaseOrderStatusAn element of type PurchaseOrderStatus.
purchaseOrderTypePurchaseOrderTypeAn element of type PurchaseOrderType.
numberintOrder status ID.
purchaseOrderTypeIdintPurchase order type ID.
purchaseOrderTypeCodestringPurchase order type code.