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Ongoing Warehouse Goods Owner SOAP API

Welcome to the documentation for Ongoing Warehouse's SOAP API. Ongoing Warehouse is a Warehouse Management System based in Sweden.

This API is intended to be used by people who wish to integrate systems such as a web shops or ERPs (Enterprise Resource Planning systems) with our WMS. The API uses Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) technology.

Please note that we have two other APIs as well:

Software developers are the intended audience for this site. If you are not a developer, you may be interested in reading about integrations which can be provided directly by Ongoing Warehouse or by our partners.

Questions about this site or the API can be directed to

Integrations to Ongoing Warehouse may have differing purposes. The most common cases are:

The below video shows how you can connect a goods owner's ERP, eCommerce or similar system to Ongoing Warehouse to handle their logistics in the WMS.