Pick To Light

Pick to light is a picking setup to pick most frequently sold products in your warehouse more efficiently. This consists of a wall of locations that could light up when the operator should pick from them and a display showing how many that are to be picked.


The locations in the Pick To Light are set up in Ongoing WMS as regular locations but one zone in Ongoing WMS corresponds to the whole Pick To Light setup in order to filter the locations that are a part of the Pick To Light.


One possible way of integrating a Pick To Light setup with Ongoing WMS, is the following:

  1. The orders that should be picked are allocated in Ongoing WMS, either by an automatic process or manually.
  2. In order to know whether an order should be processed in Pick To Light, the orders that have allocated goods in the Pick To Light zone is fetched with GetOrdersByQuery using the filter ZoneId in the request.
  3. The orders that are to be picked are displayed in the Pick To Light and when the operator chooses an order to pick the information about the order is fetched with the same endpoint. In the reponse you can see which ArticleDefId that should be picked for this order, on which Location and how many items.
  4. Before the picking begins in the Pick To Light a pallet item is created and connected to the order that should be picked using the endpoint CreateOrderPalletItem. The created pallet item corresponds to the physical bin that the operator put the picked items in.
  5. The article items for each order are picked one by one with the endpoint PickAllocated unitil all allocated articles in the Pick to Light zone is picked. Here you pass on the ArticleDefId, Location and NumberOfItemsToPick to define exactly what you want to pick. During the picking process each location that you pick from lights up in the Pick To Light setup, hence the name.
  6. When the order is fully picked the bin with its contents are photographed and this file is uploded to the order using UploadOrderFile. Please make sure to specify the field "FileWillBeDeleted" so that Ongoing WMS can automatically delete the file after the specified date. Usually it's enough to keep these photographs for 30 days or so.
  7. The order is finally sent using PalletItemComplete by passing on the PalletItemId related to the order you want to send. Here the order is sent to a shipping platform and labels are printed.
  8. This process can be improved even further by passing on these packed and sent orders to a sorting system, which you can read more about here: Sorting system.