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Webshop flow

When building an integration between a webshop and Ongoing WMS it is common to use the Ongoing WMS API. The image below describes a simple flow covering the basic functions taking place in a typical webshop integration.

Image describing basic webshop flow.

The basic steps are as follows:

  1. A new article is added to the system by the administrator.
  2. The webshop notifies the 3PL provider, i.e. the warehouse, using ProcessArticle. Note that the same function is used when updating an article.
  3. The warehouse worker receive goods with the new article.
  4. GetInventory is used by the webshop to query the warehouse articles and stock levels.
  5. The warehouse management system (WMS) returns the articles and current stock to the webshop.
  6. A customer can now place an order containing the new article.
  7. An order is created in the WMS using ProcessOrder by the webshop.
  8. The warehouse worker is notified that an order has been created and picks the articles for the order.
  9. The order is sent to the transporter.
  10. The transporter replies with tracking information.
  11. The webshop uses GetOrder to get information about the order.
  12. The WMS returns the tracking information.
  13. The customer is notified that the order has been shipped.
  14. The transporter delivers the shippment to the customer.