Usage policy for using Automation API

It is important for customers of Ongoing Warehouse that reliable and maintainable solutions are created. This is especially important when it comes to solutions created towards the Automation API which often involve business critical hardware. Ongoing Warehouse have therefore created this usage policy which the integrator must accept to be allowed to use the API.

The integrator is responsible for the integration, its support and maintenance. If an issue occurs in the communication between Ongoing WMS and the integrator’s solution, it is the integrator that should be contacted by the customer. The integrator might in some circumstances be the same entity as the customer. The integrator is responsible for providing means of communication to the customer, such as a phone number, and informing them about the distribution of responsibilities.

Ongoing WMS contains many features that require proper tracing of user actions. This is needed for security, personal data protection, troubleshooting and productivity reasons. All endpoints that write to Ongoing WMS provide capabilities to specify the operator performing the task. It is required by the integrator to identify and authenticate the user operating the automation equipment and provide the information in the communication with Ongoing WMS. An operator is a physical person such as “Karl”. It is not allowed to use a generic user such as “Gate 1”.

There are generally many unforeseen issues in a system integration. These unforeseen issues may cause stress and unsafety for the operator that can lead to production outages or faulty data. Faulty data may impact the end customer via incorrect inventory balance or incorrect information about an upcoming delivery. It is therefore required to provide proper error handling. All endpoints of the Automation API provide readable messages and, in many cases, detailed error codes. It is required to read these messages, act on known causes and/or show the message, clearly readable, for the operator. The operator can then act on the message.

If these requirements are not properly addressed Ongoing Warehouse will take the following actions until the requirements are addressed:

  1. Stop issuing new API keys to the integrator.
  2. Delist the integrator from Ongoing Warehouse’s website and other sales communication.
  3. In cases where other customers can be impacted, we will also inactivate the existing API keys.

By using the API, I hereby confirm that I have read and understand these requirements.