Getting tracking numbers

Many warehouses are integrated with a shipping platform such as nShift Delivery or shipcloud. In that case, each order will usually have a tracking number which can be read from the Ongoing WMS API.

To get tracking numbers from Ongoing WMS for a particular order, use one of these functions:

Which of these you should use depends on how you wish to query the system in your integration. For instance, if you use GetOrdersByQuery, you can retrieve several different orders at once.

In the shipping world, there are two types of tracking numbers:

  1. Shipment numbers (sändningsnummer in Swedish)
  2. Colli numbers (kollinummer in Swedish)
It depends on the transporter service which types of tracking numbers are returned. An order may have:
  1. Both shipment numbers and colli number
  2. Only shipment numbers
  3. Only colli numbers

In the Ongoing WMS API, shipment numbers can be found in the Tracking object, directly under OrderInfo.

In the Ongoing WMS API, colli numbers can be found in the Tracking objects which lie inside the OrderPalletItemInfo objects.