Order line identification

When creating an order or inorder, the API expects that an article will never appear on two or more distinct order lines.

Special care needs to be taken if you want to send in the same article on several different order lines. If you don't, your order or inorder will be incorrect! There are two things you must do in the call to ProcessOrder or ProcessInOrder:

  1. You must specify OrderLineIdentification = ExternalOrderLineCode on each order line.
  2. You must specify a unique identifier for each order line in the field ExternalOrderLineCode. You might have such an identifier available in the system which is being integrated, but otherwise you can use a simple counter like 1, 2, 3, etc. The identifier only needs to be unique per order; it does not have to be globally unique.

As an example, say you want to create an order or inorder with four lines in total. The first two lines are for article number AN1 and the other two lines are for article number AN2. This is the correct way to create such an order or inorder:

  1. Article number AN1, quantity 5, OrderLineIdentification = ExternalOrderLineCode, and ExternalOrderLineCode = 1.
  2. Article number AN1, quantity 7, OrderLineIdentification = ExternalOrderLineCode, andExternalOrderLineCode = 2.
  3. Article number AN2, quantity 10, OrderLineIdentification = ExternalOrderLineCode, andExternalOrderLineCode = 3.
  4. Article number AN2, quantity 15, OrderLineIdentification = ExternalOrderLineCode, andExternalOrderLineCode = 4.
This will result in the system creating an order or inorder with four distinct lines.